Influencer Marketing

As social media takes over the internet, many brands in the fashion and beauty industry are now leveraging those whom are connected with more than 10k followers, also known as ‘influencers’. There are many similar products with similar benefits and it has become a competition of who has a better representative.

71% of people are more likely to make purchase online if the product is recommended by others. Instagram itself influences almost 75% of purchase decisions.

This shows that Instagram is essential for shaping a brand’s image and awareness, considering majority of the people refers to it before purchase. A brand could leverage this existing trust between the influencer and their followers, contributing to the brand’s production of content and giving access to an audience brands may not be able to independently.

For example, Tammy Hembrow was promoting the home tanning product, Bondi Sands, on her Instagram as her preparing for Coachella musical festival. She is known and admired for her beauty and lifestyle, with 9 million followers, gaining 5000 a day.

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Source: Instagram

However, people make mistakes and that can cause detriment to the brand. During
Coachella, Tammy Hembrow was videoed to be passed out drunk. There was backlash from the public that could have caused a reduction in trust and reputability in her and affecting the brands she represents.

Source: Dailymail

Therefore, aside from using tools like SocialBlade’s statistics summary on how much traction an influencer gains, it is important to choose a representative influencers through a relational approach. This includes researching their public history, interviewing their future plans or having a mutual understanding. Brands should consider ones that best aligns with their brand image and message to prevent being collateral damage. Conversion rates should also be measured to evaluate effectiveness of investment.

How vast or often are your purchases influenced by influencer marketing? How effective do you think it is?



9 thoughts on “Influencer Marketing

  1. That’s dreadful for Tammy’s reputation! She’s looked up to by a lot of young mums and that’s not the sort of image she wants to be portraying I’m sure! I am not often influenced by influencers when purchasing products only due to the number of horror stories I’ve seen. Thanks for the great read 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your reply! I agree, that is why it is important for influencers to be responsible for their actions and consider the consequence upon themselves and others.


    1. Thank you for your reply! I agree with you. The brands they represent would likely suffer the consequences as well if no appropriate actions were immediately taken.


  2. I think influencers can be super effective depending on who they are! It’s important for businesses to use influencers who target their consumers. I do use influencers to make purchases especially when they have discount codes as well!!

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    1. Thank you for your reply. I agree that they are very effective if the brand and the influencer’s image are aligned. It helps to increase brand awareness and may even entice potential customers to test out the product.


  3. Personally, my purchase decisions aren’t at all influenced by influencer marketing and I tend to be quite wary of them especially after hearing about the number of instances like in Tammy’s case when they go horribly wrong. I think they can be an effective tool if businesses are able to find an influencer that is an extension of their own brand and shares the same values but there is still a risk of situations such as these arising which can reflect poorly on the brand. A really wonderful post Elaine! 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your reply! I on the other hand learn about brands through influencers and sponsored posts as i like to hear about their reviews before i make my own judgement, hoping to realise something i may have not picked up on my own. I believe influencers are quality over quantity and it is more important to find the right ones than to find many with little or wrong impact.


  4. Thanks for the great read! I’ve definitely been heavily influenced by Influencers in the past, because I feel like hearing from a real person (and by reading comments on videos/posts as well) makes me learn more about the brand and product. They’re often my first point of contact with new products coming out on the market, so I think if you’re following an Influencer you trust actions, you’ll have more luck! Regardless, lately I have been doing my cross checking and referencing on certain products because there has been so much doubt and drama surrounding influencers and their ethics! It can be hard to know who to trust.


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