Utilising Social Media

Social media marketing has become a very effective strategy, where brands could use tools like sentiment analysis to know what the public thinks of them and also a platform to advertise to reach more target audience, increase exposure  and to drive traffic.

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Source: 2018 Yellow Social Media Report 

2018 Yellow Social Media Report states 8 out of 10 people now use social media. 64% of
consumers are more likely to trust a brand if it interacts positively on social media. This would mean that it is evident for brands to be positively active on social media to increase its credibility and improve reputation.

Consumers have been taking their opinions online, regardless good or bad. Hence, Domino’s has decided to use Facebook to listen to their customers’ feedback and satisfaction by encouraging them to post on Domino’s Facebook page.

Social media is a platform where brands could build relationships with their customers by humanising the brand and creating customer lifetime value. Hence, empathising with the customers could help brands control and mitigate bad situations, rectifying problems positively, quickly and efficiently.

With thousands of stores worldwide, it is difficult for to manage and maintain all product quality and employees. When Domino’s consumers receive unsatisfactory quality of pizza, some of them publicly badmouth and discredit the brand.


Source: Office Xpress

Social media greatly broadens the brand’s exposure, but also increases their vulnerability. Organisations need to turn this vulnerability into strength and make use of these insights to better themselves and turn it into future profits, like Domino’s did, and reshape their brand image through the same platform bringing improvements to consumer’s attention.

Source: YouTube

Social media is immediate, worldwide and timeless. Organisations need to be prompt to
rectify any queries or problems, be relatable to their consumers and offer appropriate

Do you know other brands that have gotten the good, the bad and the ugly from social



8 thoughts on “Utilising Social Media

  1. Such an interesting read! I definitely agree that I trust brands more if they have a strong, positive social media presence. But I suppose with any online presence brands are going to also experience the bad and ugly along with the positives! I think brands such as clothing ones (eg Princess Polly) are likely to receive just as many negative comments along with the positive ones, as its such a subjective product. An item one customer raves about could be the complete opposite for another!

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    1. Thank you for your comment! I agree! I think brands should handle the negatives promptly, appropriately and with empathy to rectify the problem, calm the public. It could also use this opportunity to change consumer’s attitude. I think it is mostly about how a brand would handle the issue, finding opportunities to improve their image and create diversity to have more positive comments by relating to potential customers.

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    1. Thank you for your comment! Yes, the internet often scrutinise a brand for the smallest mistake or causing an unintentional interpretation. It is very important that brands handle these problems promptly, appropriately and with empathy to rectify the misunderstanding and calm the public.


    1. Thank you for your comment! I agree. Brands even get placed under scrutiny for misspelling a word and can be put under a lot of pressure from the public and reacting appropriately is definitely key!


  2. Great post! I definitely believe brands should be able to handle the backlash they receive from their customers. People always have something to say and if not handled properly they might be harm the brand image along with loosing potential customers. D&G definitely did not handle their scandal and online negativity properly leading customers to boycott their products.They should’ve sincerely apologised promptly for their controversial advert which they failed to do.


  3. Social media is definitely a place I’ve seen people take their disappointment with a company. I think the best interactions on social media I’ve seen are from Boost Juice, who as a company that target younger consumers are able to relate both with good and bad experiences with witty interactions, or helpful compensation after a bad experience!!


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